Lesson Payment & Cancellation Policy – Please Read

Taking music lessons requires a commitment from both student and teacher. I am committed to your scheduled lesson time each week, in addition to time spent preparing special lesson material for you. I please ask this of you: be on time for your lesson each week and practice your assigned material. The following policy will help ensure students are not wasting their time or mine.

  1. Advance Payment: Lessons are to be paid for, in advance, in 4 or 5 week cycles, depending on the month (some months have 5 lesson dates). An invoice stating lesson dates for that month will be provided to you at the beginning of each month.
  2. Cancellations: Students are asked to give at least 24 hour notice to cancel a scheduled lesson, except in the case of illness or other last-minute conflict, in which case students are asked to call/text as so to let us know they will be missing their scheduled lesson time. If notice is provided, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible date. All missed lessons must be made up within that month or forfeited. Missed lessons will no longer carry over into the next month. Special exceptions may be made for summertime schedules.
  3. No-shows: If the student misses a lesson without calling/texting in advance (a “no show”), the student will forfeit that lesson and no-make up lesson will be scheduled.
  4. Cancellation by teacher: If I need to miss a lesson, I will notify you as soon as possible and we will schedule a make-up lesson. All scheduled lessons cancelled by me will be credited to you and a make-up lesson time will be scheduled with you.
  5. LATE for lesson: Most lessons are scheduled back to back. Your lesson will end when it is time for the next student’s lesson to begin.
  6. Illness: If you are coughing or sneezing or have any illness that may be contagious, please do not come in for your lesson. We will schedule a makeup lesson for you when you are feeling better.

Call/Text 626-213-9374 to re-schedule a lesson. Leave a message if there is no answer.

Erandi Tillakaratne – Music Instructor