Piano Lessons

Awards Recitals are formal events held once a year and invite students from all disciplines (from 4 to adults) to perform works they've spent weeks and months preparing. Trophies signifying a student's progression are awarded at the close of each recital during an award ceremony when each student is called back up and applauded for his or her newly attained level of achievement.

Trophies are earned based on a student's achievements and serve as effective reminders throughout the years of what hard work and dedication can accomplish. A casual reception closes each recital providing students and their families to mingle with teachers and other families.

These award ceremonies make great photo opportunities and all cameras and personal video equipment are welcome to capture the memories.


In collaboration with a local recording studio and a professional coach on-site, students enjoy the opportunity to capture their musical experiences forever with a professionally recorded CD. Students can perform in groups, with an accompanist, or solo and can perform music from their repertoire or even their own compositions! These recordings are produced into a CD and a student can elect to record year after year.


Community Concerts are held annually and invite all students to perform at places such as senior centers and hospitals. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice their performance skills while getting the opportunity to do community service in an organized way.


After observing that further support was needed to facilitate the all-important three-fold elements of parent, teacher and student communication, a progress report program was implemented. These progress reports combined a "things learned" and "waiting to be learned" checklist and a short essay evaluation in a document mailed home to parents.

Through progress reports, a non-musically trained parent could now see what progress their young prodigy was making and could now have the terminology at their command to discuss specific musical accomplishments as well as plan for future musical goals. The progress reports empower parents to take control of their child's musical development and to ask specific questions, effectively removing the "language barrier" of discussing musical concepts between professional musicians and laymen.


The academic tutoring program at Vivace Music School began when parents asked us to apply the same commitment to excellence we provide in our music training to academic scholarship.

Under the development of elementary, Montessori, and music teacher, Erandi M. Tillakaratne M.A., the program was launched in 2015 and offers private tutoring in the following subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts, History, Humanities, and Foreign Languages. The program's goals are to support students' school curriculum while developing the individual's confidence, grasp of difficult concepts and fostering a passion for academic learning that will aid them in every academic pursuit.

By breaking down difficult concepts, and building each student’s executive functioning skills, students can improve their test taking skills and comprehension abilities. Often, tutoring students see their grades rise significantly with private tutoring sessions. With a blend of patience, total customization, and a commitment to overcoming all obstacles, our teachers get great results with their students.

By careful examination of textbook requirements and traditional school objectives, our academy tutors build the important links between individual students' unique needs and scholarly improvement.